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About us


Benders. Motor bikes. Two brothers build machines that smell of petrol, who’s expressions of life aren’t artificial, that are technologically solid and without any nonsense. Individual, with style and affordable.
The two brothers Raphael and Christian Bender represent a simple, but therefore much more compelling idea:
To fashion authentic and tangible motor bikes that are not off the store shelves. Up to now their remodels have been based on older Yamaha models (XT/SR/XS/TR1) – anything that pleases is allowed. In their extensive workshop in Ettlingen, near Karlsuhe, the two autodidacts conceive, build and sell individual motor bikes with a style of their own. A mix of Tracker, Café Racer, Bobber and Enduro. Additionally, the trade of corresponding parts and accessories takes place. The goal of the two is to show the world that individual and stunning motor bikes don’t necessarily have to be exotic or capricious to be able to find the way to one’s heart. This is a fascination one has to experience!

Two Brothers

Raphael, the younger of the two brothers, was manufactured in the year 1971 and is owner and managing director of a prospering exhibition company (www.bender-messe.de). The Technician.

Christian was built two years prior to his brother (you can’t notice it, though). After his studies in German language and geography Christian starts making his carrier in sales and marketing by being responsible for a large software company’s event management. The marketer.

Roots and Development

Raphael and Christian’s passion for motor bikes is in their blood. For the whole family has always been enthusiastic about motorised two-wheelers. Whoever grows up under such circumstances is bound to play around with souped-up scooters in their youth. Already in their school days did the two start to work at the local Kawasaki dealer, fixing up motor bikes that had been in an accident. The profit this brought them fulfilled their first two-wheeled dreams: from the legendary Kawa Z 550/650B to the sporty GPZ models of all engine capacities – back then, 4 cylinders was a must. The garage of their house eventually became the meeting point for entire districts handymen. “We’ll just pop over to Benders…” was a sentence that was often heard throughout the streets of Karlsruhe in the 80s. The yard filled up with drivers that got hooked: cigarette in their mouths, girlfriend on the bench, drops of oil under the motor, a wide grin on their faces. They were having fun!

Ambitions grew bigger – and more international. You could find Raphael or Christian on big Enduros named XT or GS, mainly in North and West Africa. The Sahara acted as their playground for many months.

Many thousands of miles later on these bikes and on ones that drove as smoothly the two of them decided to return to the origin of their passion. They made a plan to use real material to turn their hobby in to a profession. And so, in May 2012, Benders was created. The small company’s motto is clear: maximum fun with air cooled, carburettor fired machines.