BMW R nineT “free radicals”

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  • BMW R nineT "Freie Radikale"

Free radicals are atoms or molecules with a single unpaired electron in their outer shell.
What does this have to do with our recent remodeling? Nothing – at first glance; but the idea of altering the bike was clear in an instant: the Scrambler was to be remodeled radically – so that’s the liberty we took…

The basis for the “radicals” is the Bender chassis which was developed together with Wilbers. With its significantly longer suspension pitch and adjustable fork and strut with rebound and compression damping, the motorcycle impresses with a seating height 7 cm above that of the original. Thereby still offering the biker reserves, he looks to find for off-road use.

The face of the bike with its small H4 headlight and small lamp mask is reminiscent of the original BMW GS and makes the bike appear far slimmer and more like an enduro bike. We sized-up the tank and did away with the snorkel on the right side, and downsized the stern to reduce weight significantly.

It comes in the classical BMW-blue and with a bench that not only looks good, but provides the biker the freedom of movement he seeks on a sportive ride.

The distinctive muffler with the Benders’ mesh from SC Project completes the stern – and, in combination with the black exhaust manifolds, makes the free radical look like the early Paris-Dakar-BMWs. That the engine protection actually protects the engine is conspicuous – yet it still allows easy access for servicing work.

All remodeling and customization work complies with TÜV-standards (German Association for Technical Inspection) and legal requirements.