XV 950 Boltage

— For Sale, YAMAHA —

    We’d just begun to enjoy the success of our Hommage, when Yamaha placed their next request: whether we wouldn’t be interested to get a XV 950 to play around with? It did not take long to be ignited and to get hooked. The task was to capture the glorious days of the TZ 750, with lots of rubber on the tarmac and gasoline in the air. The machine was to be appealing, not just for the eye – and yet the driving pleasure should not fall short.

    The idea quickly took shape and after the first tries, the chopper turned into a Café Racer – greetings from our Jericho! We wanted to dress our lady in black, red and white and to complement her with some gold dashes here and there. And although the chassis concept completely redeveloped, it was clear from the outset, that the frame would remain untouched.

    In order to meet the time requirements for the presentation at the EICMA, we proceeded systematically: after some initial research, we developed some concept scribbles. After shape and color scheme were established, we manufactured 1:1 scale models of the fuel tank and seat to evaluate feasibility and suitability on the frame of the XV. This gave us enough time to find the best answers for the many questions on the bike’s details.

    We considered the core of the machine to be the ideal basis for the conversion and thus left it untouched – merely the air inlet was designed as far open as possible. Of course, we also altered the exhaust system to not only give the bike an appealing look, but also to give it the respective acoustic finish.

    And there she stands, our Boltage: a real thunder bolt in an elegant dress.

    Original bike: Yamaha XV 950, built in 2014

    Parts selected for remodeling:
    Headlight: Clubman, handlebar stub: Stahlflex brake lines; Retracted foot rests with brake pump and equalizing reservoir, LED turning signals with integrated tail and stop light;

    Special remodeling steps:
    Benders’ special Café Racer aluminum fenders (front and rear), rear suspension (xx mm longer), gilded cover for crankshaft housing and primary drive, Benders’ Café Racer special exhaust system, heat protection wrap, cladding for electrical appliances, conversion to spoke gilded rims: Avon Roadrunner, special lacquer coating “sport heritage design”

    Benders’ special speedometer bracket; Benders’ special Café Racer fuel tank, Benders’ special Café Racer seat, Benders’ special air inlet, Benders’ special perforated side panels, kickstand, license plate