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Hunters here, call wild boars “black coats”. We call it one of our youngest creations: The combination of brawny power, elegant finishing and extreme (driving) pleasure in day-to-day life. But even more – the upholstery of the seat bench was once a fine jacket made of horse leather – even the handles are covered with the same material.

And because we in our region (Baden) call a jacket, “kiddl” and because the color of the motorcycle is black, we’ve sort of answered the question about how to name the bike…

The result is a Sportster, which with its powerful appearance and the elevated seating position, simply invites to have fun. And her genes can’t really conceal that her pedigree is rooted in the Boltage family.

Original bike: Yamaha XV 950, built 2014, engine left original, mounting parts by Benders’ manufacturing: Boltage seat with auxiliary frame, elongated speedometer holder, Boltster exhaust system, high-performance air filter, Motogadget turning signals, relocated rear foot rests, Öhlins shock absorber