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Who can’t remember the Opel Senator – the grey eminence of the classical German automobile manufacturer? The one that not only ensured the mobility of the common man, but made him gladly waive driving a star or a propeller in order to drive a large sedan? Well, that Senator served us as the basis for our next TR1 project. With a smoke-grey lacquer, the angular beam design and the rectangular headlight (which, by the way, is an original Senator auxiliary headlight), we deliberately revived the 80s.

What sounded sober first, actually surprised us: The Senator is indeed striking and has an incredibly strong appearance – it is anything, but boring!

Original bike: Yamaha TR1, built in 1983, Carburetor: DellOrto, exhaust system, fuel tank-seat-combination: Benders’, fork: from a Yamaha-FZR 1000 (modified), handlebar, lamp: LSL, foot rests: Tarozzi/Benders’, tires: Continental