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One fine day, a friendly man from Yamaha knocked at our door and asked us to remodel a brand new SR 400. Because we are fond of Yamaha and tend to rebuild motorbikes every now and then, we were of course all for it!

Taking a motorcycle form the current SR 400 Yamaha collection, we wanted to build a bike that was going to be similar to the cherished XT series. As we recalled the good old days, when we were still young and beautiful and raced through the middle of nowhere, we wanted to pay homage to those days and to our darlings, such as the TT 500.

Due to a tight time constraint and with the idea of realizing our Hommage as uncomplicated as possible, we decided not to undertake any major surgical procedures.

The result of our SR 400 represents a modest Scrambler-like the XT Homage with a unique feel and a simple but distinct design. Although the SR is neither a rocket nor a bird of paradise, its coherent overall appearance and its relaxing feel while driving will guarantee love at second sight.

Check out the article on Yamaha Motors (article is in German)

Original bike: Yamaha SR 400: built in 2014

Selected parts for remodeling:
Specially manufactured aluminum fenders (front and rear), special Scrambler exhaust pipe, analogue speedometer; white heat protection band, chrome classic enduro handle bar; claw foot rests

Specially remodeled parts:
Enduro suspension fork (30mm longer), modified fork bridges with black coating, perforated chain blade and brake drum, shortened seat, fuel tank designed in TT 500 style.

Benders’ special engine cover, Benders’ special engine protection, Benders’ special number plate, Benders’ special side cover, Benders’ special headlight holder, Benders’ special license plate holder, Benders’ special dashboard, Benders’ Special rear carrier, Benders’ special toolbox, modified chain protection, modified foot brake and shift lever

Most of the conversion parts can be found in our shop.

Parts & Orderlist (PDF)