SR Hommage


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One day, a friendly man from Yamaha knocked at our door and asked us to remodel a brand new SR 400. Because we like Yamaha and tend to rebuild motorbikes every now and then, we were of course all for it! Out of the SR 400 from the current Yamaha collection we wanted to build a bike that reminded of the honoured XT series. As we recalled the good old days when we were still young and beautiful as we sped through the middle of nowhere, we wanted to create a homage to those days and to our darlings like the TT500.

Under a tight time constraint and with the idea to build our Homage as uncomplicated as possible, we decided not to undertake any major surgical procedures. The result of our SR 400 presents itself as a modest Scrambler XT homage with a unique feel and a simple, confident design. Although the SR is neither a rocket nor a bird of paradise, its coherent overall picture and laid-back feel while driving guaranty love at first sight.

Informations referring to the custom work done on this bike will be available soon.

Parts & Orderlist (PDF)