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  • Benders Tricolore

Triumph Scrambler riders who pass the minimum requirements for military service in terms of height, are sure to have sufficient ground clearance – that’s how long-legged our most recent remodeled bike is.

But leg room also has ist merits when moving into rougher turf. With a lot of power, robust off-road tires, a solid engine protection and a seat bench you could almost rest in, our Tricolore will take you wherever you want to go.

From a Triumph Scrambler we created a first-class Scrambler based on the old enduro – and motor cross – models from KTM, similar to the Hercules or the Bultaco: Reduced to the essentials, “de-plastified” and dressed in classical colors. Whether it’s the Benders’ designed fuel tank colored in an expressive red, the enameled tail pipes or the lamp cover and rims made from aluminum – the Tricolore stirs passion. The weighty, extremely powerful sound produced by the pitch black tail pipes, duly serve their purpose in making the Tricolor a must-have.

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